In my personal opinion, being a cat owner is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Not only does having a cat mean that you have a good heart, but it also means that you are almost never bored. The reason why I said this is because cats just simply love to play, and because of that, it is almost impossible to be bored when you have one. It is pretty much safe to say that it is in a cat’s nature to be very playful. Does your cat enjoy playing with you every single day?

If it does, then you probably wonder why does your cat love playing with you so much? Well, basically, there are many different reasons why cats enjoy this extracurricular activity so much. If you would like to learn about some of those reasons, make sure to read on.

Playing Makes Your Cat Feel Like a Predator

There is absolutely no doubt about it – cats are great killing machines. Have you ever seen a cat toying with the mouse before deciding to finish it off? Although your house cat has probably stopped killing mice a long time ago (or at least didn’t kill one since you adopted it), it actually doesn’t stop wanting to be a predator. If you spend at least 15 minutes playing with your cat every day, it will be happy, and it’s predator requirements will be satisfied.


Playing Is a Great Exercise

Another reason why cats love to play so much is that they actually see playing as a good exercise. If your cat is overweight, playing is a great way to get rid of all those extra pounds. With that being said, make sure to play with your cat every single day.


A Hilarious Activity

Cats think that playing is a pretty fun activity, not only for them but for people as well. And let me tell you that they are absolutely right! So, why not go play with your cat right now?

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Cat Loves to Play So Much
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